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Next General Authority Meeting

November 8, 2022 @ 4:00 PM. 

The Cranberry Township General Authority Board of Directors met on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 10:00 AM; and will meet again on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at 4:00 PM, in Room 2402 of the Township Administrative Offices.
Public comment will be accepted at the beginning of the meeting.


Our Work


Focused Work

Since its inception, the Cranberry Township General Authority has focused on improving stormwater management and meeting the high level of quality and expectations the Township expects.

At their October 13 meeting, the Authority's Board of Directors took another major step in meeting those goals. 

The Authority Board approved a 2022 Budget that funds continued capital investments by enhancing the stormwater system in the vicinity of Freedom Road and LaPorte Drive, as well as an in-depth review of needed improvements in two significant portions of the Township.

Stormwater Fee

After a year delay due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Township’s stormwater fee will increase in 2022.

Beginning in 2020, the General Authority of Cranberry Township imposed a stormwater utility fee to help offset the cost of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection mandates to manage the quantity and quality of stormwater. The rate for 2020 was $3 per equivalent residential unit (ERU), with plans to increase that number to $6 per ERU in 2021.

However, recognizing the economic impact COVID-19 had on residents, businesses and non-profits, the rate was reduced to $4 per ERU for 2021. The full $6 rate was implemented at the beginning of 2022.

Specified Areas

Freedom Road and LaPorte Drive

The 2022 Budget funds continued capital investments by enhancing the stormwater system in the vicinity of Freedom Road and LaPorte Drive in the Sun Valley plan, as well as an in-depth review of needed improvements in Fox Run and the Sun Valley/Blue Ridge/Mystic Pine area of the Township. The budget also provides over $800,000.00 toward the maintenance of the existing system.

Sun Valley/Blue Ridge/Mystic Pine

A stormwater study will be completed in the area surrounding and including Sun Valley, Blue Ridge and Mystic Pine. This area includes a significant portion of the Township that was built prior to the implementation of enhanced stormwater regulations in the mid-1990s. 

This study area will run in collaboration with the work that is being prepared by PennDOT for the widening of Freedom Road in 2023-24. Additionally, it will address the stormwater that flows into the Township from New Sewickley Township in Beaver County.

Fox Run

As one of the Township’s original neighborhoods, the stormwater infrastructure does not meet today's needs. An in-depth review will identify the needed improvements that will be implemented in future years.

Maintenance of Existing Stormwater Infrastructure

The Budget also provides over $800,000 toward the maintenance of the existing system within the Township.

Federally Mandated

Township's Federally Mandated MS4 Permit

The Authority is also charged with assisting the Township with meeting the requirements of the federally mandated MS4 Permit issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environment Resources. 

This multi-year permit requires the Township to remove over 500 tons of sediment from Township streams. The Authority will fund that work that primarily by implementing stream bank rehabilitation throughout the Township. This work will take place in Settlers Grove, Glenbrook Manor and Cedarbrook residential plans. 

Much of this work will be done in collaboration with the Homeowner Associations that own the land along those streams – a collaboration that is frequently used in all projects.

For additional information about Authority projects please call 724-720-6470 or contact Lucas Martsolf, at lucas.martsolf@cranberrytownship.org.

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About the Authority

The Cranberry Township Board of Supervisors created the General Authority to take advantage of programs and funding opportunities offered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to municipal authorities that assist in implementing municipal services and other activities permitted by the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act.

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Stormwater Management

Always Prepared

A growing awareness of just how vulnerable Pennsylvania’s waterways have become to damage from stormwater runoff has resulted in legislation requiring municipalities like Cranberry to obtain permits before discharging stormwater runoff into waterways like Brush Creek.  
These permits, valid for five years, require communities to put stormwater management programs in place that reduce the discharge of pollutants, educate the public, and protect local water quality. To learn more about Cranberry Township's stormwater and MS4 management program, click the button below.

Homeowners and HOAs

Pond and Swale Maintenance

Your stormwater detention and/or retention pond is an essential part of Pennsylvania’s efforts to improve the water quality of our streams, rivers, and lakes. But, we need your help to properly maintain the detention ponds so they don’t fail prematurely. 

This guidebook is to serve as a practical tool and aid the owner in the inspection and maintenance of the stormwater management facility.

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